Guitars etc.

Here are just a few of our most common repairs and the general cost associated with that repair. Many additional repairs are available as well free instrument evaluations and estimates. Prices subject to change.

Guitar Repairs
(including Mandolins, Banjos, Ukuleles & other fretted stringed instruments)

BASIC SETUP: From $35.00
Clean fretboard/ body, re-string, minor bridge/saddle adjustment, truss rod, and tune

FULL SETUP: from $120.00
All of above plus level, crown, and polish frets (make great)

REPLACE SADDLE (acoustic): from $65.00
Cut and install bone or graphite saddle, with basic setup

REPLACE NUT: from $65.00
Cut and install bone or graphite nut, with basic setup

FLOYD ROSE SETUP: from $65.00
Strings & intonation

Install and test pickup system

REPLACE PICKUP, POT, TOGGLE (electric): from $25
Install and test