Online Lessons

Live Online Guitar Lessons

Recently I've decided to start giving online lessons at the request of some students. I am really excited by this approach to teaching and there has been a lot enthusiasm from the students involved. There are many positive aspects about taking lessons in this manner. You can record the lessons and play them back for review. You don't have to leave your house and can do it anywhere your computer is. The lessons are fun and others can watch as you go through the lessons.

Hardware Requirements 

You will need to have a computer. If you are reading this you probably already have access to one.You will also need to have a web cam hooked up. They are inexpensive, and you can get them at many different stores. Xpert PC Plus in Enumclaw, Best Buy, Walmart and Target are just a few retailers that have them. Also websites like NewEgg, Amazon and many more.

Software Requirements

You will need to download a free program called Skype. It allows us to talk via the web cam. I will be e-mailing you lesson material so a printer will come in handy to print out the material. If you want to record the lesson you will have to download a program called Pamela (strange name I know). You start with a free trial then purchase the program for about $30.00.