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Meet Matt Lockart 

Greetings Friends,

I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and teaching guitar over ten years. I love my job and having the opportunity to bring the joys of music to my students. Through the years I have enjoyed playing and teaching all styles of music. Rock, Punk, Country, Metal, Blue Grass, Folk, Classical, Jazz, and Blues, are all styles that I can help you learn to play.  

My teaching method is to pick a song that you would like to learn and then apply theory and technique to it in a fun and easy way to understand. I gear my lessons toward the music you like and want to play.  

I also have a lot of theory sheets that I will provide to help you understand how music works.I have a lot of scale charts, exercises, and backing tracks if you are interested in lead guitar. I teach by TAB or standard musical notation, whichever you prefer. If you want to learn notation I teach out of the Progressive Guitar method and Christopher Parkening Classical Books.  

"If you want to learn how to do something, learn from someone who already knows how to do it". You can either pick a song I already have written out or request me to write out a song of your choice (this takes a little time). My format for writing out songs is a little unique and it makes it very easy to understand the rhythm of a song (they are not all perfect but pretty darn close). I currently have a wide variety of songs Tabbed out and available lessons and the library is growing. 

I teach students of all ages. My youngest student to date was six and he did great. I usually check to see if my youngest students are fairly good readers, pretty tough in stature (it can hurt your fingers), and have a pretty good attention span. My oldest student so far was in their 70's.  

My goal is not just to teach guitar method and styles, but to do so in a fun positive way that will nourish your musical growth.  

My Teaching Experience

Great Music Company - Centralia, Washington      

The Aerie - Centralia, Washington  

Evergreen Academy of Arts 

Group lessons at a private school, 3rd -6th grade - Centralia, Washington

Helmer's Music - Federal Way, Washington

Lockhart Music: My own lesson studio - Puyallup, Washington

Pierce College: Group classes one for adults, and one for kids - Puyallup, Washington

Federal Way School of Music - Federal Way, Washington

Lockhart Music: My own Store - Panama City Beach Florida